Hľadáme: Junior Office Assistant

Junior Office Assistant

We are searching for a Junior Office Assistant who wants to join the team of BUDDY program. Ideally, you are a student who wants to work in a fast-growing impact driven organisation. You enjoy being the organised glue of the firm that has “everything under control”. Today, we have the senior management and the experts team, now we need your help with office, finance and admin.


You will be responsible for:

  • Keeping our information system (CRM, finance, event database, processes) up-to-date based on the instructions of the team.
  • Checking payments from donors, updating real income and real costs compared to targets set in our budgets.
  • Inquiring data needed for reports, mainly for grants.
  • Administrating our contracts, communicating with accountants, keeping all our files nice and tidy.
  • Helping with whatever is urgent - from mails, organizing trainings, keeping tasks of the team updated, to reminding us what we forgot.
  • Cash operations.


You are:

  • Ideally a student who enjoys working in a mission driven company with social impact.
  •  A systematic multitasker who loves to get things done. An organized individual.
  • Precise and demanding on the rest of the team to keep them organized. You do not mind doing anything that is necessary, even though it might be disturbingly simple.
  • Excel lover. You like tables and you like coloring them just for the sake of having it all in shape.
  • Experienced in the field of office management. At least a bit, yet, the approach matters, not experience.
  • Can easily learn to work with new applications, programs and other IT matters.
  • Fluent in English.


What we offer:

  • No bullshit environment, effective communication with the manager and other team members.
  • Just like other members of the team, you will have a say and your opinion will be heard.
  • Flexible hours/adjustable for student’s schedule. You need to be placed in or nearby Bratislava, as our office is here.
  • Part-time (20 hours/week) contract – up on agreement - potentially increasing the engagement as needed and desired by both parties.
  • Young, dynamic and fast-growing team that is mission driven.
  • Quick learning curve.
  • Nespresso coffee ☺


If you feel you are the right fit for the position, please send your CV to: vrsansky@tvojbuddy.sk

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