1. Request an annual tax clearing of the tax prepayments from your employer by 15.02.2024.
  2. Then request a Proof of income tax payment from your employer.


3. You can determine the date of paying the income tax and calculate:
a) 2 % from your paid income tax – that is the maximum sum that you can assign to a recipient, if you haven’t been a volunteer in the year 2023, or have done volunteer work for less than 40 hours.
b) 3 % from your paid income tax if you did volunteer work for at least 40 hours in the year 2023 and you have a proof from the organization/organizations for which you have worked in 2023.

4. Fill in a DECLARATION about assigning a proportion of the paid income tax for private individuals.

Fill in the sum you want to assign into the declaration. Our information details are prefilled in an editable .pdf., and also below:

Residence: Strážna 11, 831 01 Bratislava
Residence: Občianske združenie
IČO: 37927051

Note: In the column ROK (year) write 2021.

5. Submit both forms, Declaration and Proof, at the Tax office by 30.4.2024. You can find the address here.

6. If you assigned 3 % from income tax, it is necessary to include a proof of volunteer work of a minimum of 40 hours in the declaration of income taxes!

7. After the review of submitted information details and fulfilling all the necessary requirements, the Tax office has 90 days by law to transfer the sum, which you have assigned to us.


You don’t need to know or apply the account information of your recipients at any point of the process, as it is the Tax office that transfers the funds to the recipients. You are responsible for paying the entire amount to the Tax office.

IČO (business ID) is aligned to the right, and since it consists of less than 12 numbers, the unfilled columns remain empty. If the organization doesn’t assign SID, then leave the columns for SID empty.