Who is the BUDDY volunteer?

The volunteer is a mature adult (25+) who accepts the child as he or she truly is.They regularly spend time together outside the centre and the volunteer gives the most valuable resource: their time. The child gains a person who they can fully trust and who helps them to prepare for an independent life in adulthood.

Lucia & Ondrej

We look for volunteers who:

  • can build a long-term relationship

  • understand life situations of different people

  • can work on their self-development and the development of others

  • have a responsible and engaged approach

  • have values corresponding with the BUDDY program



Helps children who cannot grow up in families

The social networks of children who grow up in centres rarely stretch beyond their institutions. Their view of the world is therefore often distorted. Children lack healthy family role models and real contact with the outside world, where they would be responsible for themselves.

Gives time, friendship, trust and love

Every child is different. Only targeted individual care can address deeply-rooted traumas and unleash potential in each child. Every child deserves attention and a relationship which is voluntary and based on friendship. Only a few hours a week can make a positive change to the child for the rest of their life.

Guides the child and mentors him/her

Children need real role models to look up to and learn from. We carefully select mature, adults with a good set of values, who can provide real support. One of the goals is to prepare the child for a successful integration into society.

Mentor, Blízky človek, Priateľ

We are looking for volunteers all over Slovakia

Kde hľadáme - Mapa

At present, we are only accepting applications from Slovak speaking candidates in Slovakia. To apply in Slovak, please visit tvojbuddy.sk/budbuddy.