16 years ago, I never imagined that more than 160 children in Slovakia would have met their BUDDY volunteer.


My mother would o_en tell me that a droplet erodes a stone not by force, but by persistent falling. Just like our wonderful volunteers in Trnava and Košice: they are there for the child almost every week of the year. Where exactly is "there"? "There" is wherever they and their teen BUDDY decide to go for a walk,grab a coffee or take a bike ride. "There" is simply being: being "there" for the child, being present for him or her, patient, listening, empathetic, and respectful. They are there with their time, which is almost a miracle in the eyes of the BUDDY children. A miracle they didn't think was possible. A marvel that is both art and science.


They are given time, which slowly but surely drives away the gloomy clouds and proves that the sun does indeed always shine a_er the storm. The sun of friendship, support, security, or smiles, but also of faith in oneself and others. Sun in the form of learning to live independently, improving one's ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to find a job or a decent place to live in spite of this. These children have never had the gi_ of support from their families but, thanks to you, they now have a BUDDY volunteer.


Thanks to you we may work miracles together and help our BUDDY teenagers to dream and live their own free life. I feel that accepting BUDDY children makes our country a little bit more generous, patient, kind, and happy. We believe that will be true for many years and decades to come.


Sincere thanks from the entire BUDDY team,

Laci Kossár, founder