Thank you for helping us fulfil our dream - that every child not growing up in their own family has at least one person they can trust and can lead an independent life with dignity.



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Thanks to your donations we find volunteers for vulnerable children who change their lives. Your donations help us finance our campaigns and our expert team. After an extensive selection process, our team of psychologists identifies appropriate volunteers who are then matched with a child. The volunteer can then start to build a safe and trusting relationship with the child, and become a good friend who will stand by their side over many years on their journey to independence.

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What BUDDY means for me

Your financial support enables us to prepare the volunteers for a great challenge, which awaits them from the first contact with the child. Our psychologists provide intensive education and continuous care for the volunteers, so they can guide the children more effectively.

Thanks to you, we can always be there for our volunteers and children. Our psychologist coordinators are in contact with them on a regular basis for the entire duration of the relationship (approximately from the time a child is 12 years old until they leave the children’s home and integrate into society). They help them build foundations of the trusting BUDDY relationship, and support the volunteers as they help the child grow and meet his or her individual needs. This way we ensure that their relationship is working well, and that children receive what they need - attention, a positive role model, and individualised support. Coordinators also meet with employees of the children’s homes, align with their approach to every child, with the goal that children live a more fulfilled life while in the children’s home, as well as when they leave it.

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If you want to know more about how the BUDDY program works, read our last Annual Report, and Facebook profile