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With (un) conventional friendships we provide long-term support to children on their journey to independence. We improve their chances to find work, accommodation and lower their chances of getting involved in illegal activities. Volunteers gain opportunities for personal growth and a new perspective on life. Their patience and empathy increase. At the same time, they become key people in the lives of these socially disadvantaged children. Our goal is to ensure care and support for these special BUDDY friendships and create new ones. That’s why we need your financial support.

Your donation will help us in the upcoming year to:

  • attract at least 200 candidates for volunteering, select the appropriate ones and match them with the most suitable child,

  • provide regular support to our 100+ active BUDDY pairs,

  • find BUDDY volunteers for at least 25 new children.

In the name of our children and volunteers, we thank you for your support!

20201005_web_upravy_16.png Child

“I finished school with the support of my BUDDY volunteer and slowly but surely I am becoming the perfect human being.” said Janka after 3 years with a BUDDY volunteer

20201005_web_upravy_16.png Volunteer

“BUDDY volunteering teaches me to be more responsible and makes me evaluate what really matters in life. And of course, it gives me a new friendship.” said Jarmila after half a year with a BUDDY child

20201005_web_upravy_16.png Donor

“BUDDY brings true value for children from centres and it is done by the right people.” said Marek Sásik, Slovenská sporiteľňa
supporter of BUDDY program for 7 years