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We do not spend the money directly on children, we do not teach them how to make a CV.  We rather help to arrange the volunteer to write a CV with his BUDDY kid, whom he trusts and with whom he is in real relationship.  The BUDDY volunteer then joins the kid to the first job interview, waits until he is finished, calmes him down and cheers him up, because he loves him.  No training ever could provide this kind of value.  Resume and job interview is a small part of life, which brings a lot of situations - all of them we try to solve in this mannner, so that the relationship between the child and the volunteer flourishes.

We are lucky to have the opprortunity to support, motivate and educate a large number of great people, who often help without actually knowing they are helping.

We as BUDDY staff arrange for such relationships to be created and to last a long time.  We invest all our money into this.  This may be arranged only by real people - therefore we pay our co-ordinators,

HR manager, fundraiser, psychologists, lecturers, director, we buy food for the children at group activities, equipment for plaing, we visit orphanages and train care-givers and other orphanage staff.  We can get a lot of things for free, however, we have to pay our staff decently and regularly, because even the philatrophists have to pay their mortage, eat and dress.  They must not burn out, because the destiny of a lot of people are tied to their well-being.

We want to be as independent as we have been over the last 10 years and to focus on nothing but fulfilling our mission for many years to come, just like the relationships between our BUDDY volunteers and the children will last for years.  It is therefore very important for us to be able to reliably forecast our income in the future.  This may best be achieved through regular monthly donations from individual donors.  We appreciate every help as you feel free - donate the amount you would not notice you miss in your wallet or account every month - for some it may be EUR 5, for others, it may be EUR 500 or EUR 5.000.  Thank you.