How Dominika became a BUDDY

Dominika's Story

My name is Dominika. I am a painter and have been a BUDDY for over three years.

A few years ago, I began to fully understand how lucky I am; I have family, friends, good health, and a job that excites me. I started to think, how can I repay the world for all the happiness it has given me?

I found the Buddy project on Facebook and, since I had always loved to work with children, offered my help. After some discussions and interviews, I became a BUDDY volunteer! 

At the first Buddy weekend session, I met a girl named Domi who lived in one of the 92 orphanages in Slovakia. We shared beautiful moments over cups of coffee at voluntary meetings and educational classes where we bonded for life. Not only did she grow from our relationship, but I also became a wiser, more mature adult.

Domi and I will continue to grow together, finding our places in this world and becoming the people we want to be.

I am extremely grateful to Buddy for giving me this wonderful opportunity. If you are looking for a rewarding and enjoyable way to help yourself and others, choose Buddy. You will not regret it!